Electronic Claims Submission (EDI) FAQ

How do I enroll in EDI?

To enroll sign and return the EDI Contract Addendum to:

Exclusive Care

Provider Relations

PO Box 1508 Riverside, CA 92501


How long does this process take?


Once we receive the signed EDI Contract Addendum, please allow up to 15 days for us to process your enrollment. Once we submit your information to OA, you can enroll on their website at: https://cms.officeally.com/Register/Register.aspx . Once enrolled, Office Ally will provide you with a User Name and Password within 48 hours of submitting the enrollment request. If you are currently enrolled with Office Ally, you do not need to enroll again.

Why should I consider EDI?

1.    You will have the ability to check claims status, eligibility and benefits online.

2.    Claims submitted electronically, depending on the line of business, are historically paid earlier than paper    claims.

3.    Reduced postage and other paper related expenses while increasing efficiency.

4.    Minimize claim rejections and resubmissions.

What if I don’t have billing software?

For providers without billing software, Office Ally (OA) offers a free, online entry tool. This tool allows you access to a blank, electronic HCFA on the OA website at https://www.officeally.com.  

You type data into it the same way you would a paper HCFA. Additionally, this tool allows you to store patient, facility and provider information so you do not have to re-type the same information over and over.

For a short training video about the Online Claims Entry Submission go to: http://tv.officeally.com/2n6y/mline-claim-entry/


Is my current billing software compatible?


The Office Ally website will interface with all practice management software packages.  All you need is Internet access.

How do I submit claims through Office Ally?


            To submit claims, most providers need to follow these steps:


      1. Create a claim file using your current billing software.

      2. Log into www.officeally.com and click, “Upload HCFA1500” or Upload UB92”

      3. Click, “Select File”.

      4. Find your file and click, “Open”.

      5. Click, “Upload”.


How long until claims payments are received?


Claims payments will be made within your contractual agreements or before. 


Who do I contact if I have problems uploading my claims and what type of technical or training support is available for providers new to EDI?


You may contact Office Ally for any problems regarding electronic claims submission at:

           Email: Support@officeally.com

           Customer Support: (360) 975-7000 Option 1

          Technical Support: (360) 975-7000 Option 2


Office Ally also providers training videos on their website at:

http://tv.officeally.com/jMuh/managed-stored-info-tool/ and http://tv.officeally.com/DuJ/service-center-inventory-reporting-tool/.


For further questions about EDI you may contact our EDI specialist Michelle Himes via email at ECEDIHELP@RC-HR.COM


I am already enrolled with Office Ally, what do I need to do to process claims with Exclusive Care?


Providers that are already enrolled with Office Ally must sign the EDI Addendum prior to submitting claims electronically.  Upon receipt of the signed EDI Addendum, you will be provided with Exclusive Care’s Payer ID number.