Service Area

Exclusive Care's Plan Service Area is the geographic area that includes all of Riverside County, as well as the areas immediately adjacent to Riverside County designated by Exclusive Care as being within the Plan Service Area. It is important that you live or work within Exclusive Care's Plan Service area since you must travel there for medical treatment.

The map below is a visual representation of our network hospitals and network urgent care centers that fall within our service area.

Is there coverage out of the area?

Exclusive Care covers you and your covered dependents for emergency and urgent care when you are outside of our service area. It is the member's responsibility to notify Exclusive Care and advise the out-of-area Provider to notify Exclusive Care within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible of all out-of-area emergencies or urgent care needs. Failure to call may result in a reduction of benefits.

Qualified dependents living outside the EPO Plan Service Area are eligible for the Out-of-Area Schedule of Benefits. The qualified dependent may receive treatment and services and seek reimbursement through the Plan according to the Member Coinsurance and limitations in the Summary Plan Document. Plan benefits are paid according to the reimbursements and limitations shown in the Out-of-Area Coverage for Qualified Dependents Plan.  You may find more information in the Summary Plan Document (SPD), or you may contact Member Services.