Exclusive Care's Healthy Highways Program

Exclusive Care’s Healthy Highways Program encourages you and your spouse or registered domestic partner (covered by Exclusive Care) to participate in a balanced and proactive wellness program. It is the goal of Healthy Highways to improve your health and health behavior patterns and produce tangible improvements in your use of health care services, reduce health-related costs, and enhance your personal well-being.

No matter what your current age, physical condition, or emotional status, you can begin to build a healthier life – today. To help position you to produce immediate tangible improvements, Healthy Highways incorporates the following:

Jump-Start Programs

Diabetes Jump-Start Program

High Blood Cholesterol Jump-Start Program

Healthy Pregnancy Jump-Start Program

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Jump-Start Program

Your Doctor Visit Jump-Start Program

Road to Physical Activity

Road to Good Nutrition

Road to Well-being

Additional Resources

Pathways to Health Bariatric Treatment Program

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