Group Lifestyle Balance™ (GLB) Program

The DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ (GLB) Program is a comprehensive lifestyle behavior change program adapted directly from the successful lifestyle intervention used in the National Institutes of Health funded Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The original individually administered DPP Lifestyle Balance intervention (copyright 1996; 2011; 2017) was developed and written at the University of Pittsburgh by the DPP Lifestyle Resource Core on behalf of the DPP Research Group.

Individuals who take part in the program will self–monitor weight, food intake and physical activity levels and, if desired, are given feedback regarding their progress. Participants download a variety of materials including Group Lifestyle Balance™ session handouts, a Fat and Calorie Counter, self–monitoring books for keeping track of food, physical activity and weight, and a chart for self–monitoring (or graphing) weekly weights over the course of the program.

Contact Rodger Lehl if you are interested in starting a small group and having this program facilitated by a Wellness Educator.

The recommended schedule for the DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ (GLB) Program is listed below. The Participant Handouts may be downloaded individually.

One-Year Group Lifestyle Balance™ Curriculum:

Month 1 (weekly, 4 per month)

1: Welcome to the GLB Program

2: Be a Calorie Detective

3: Healthy Eating

4: Move Those Muscles

Month 2 (weekly, 4 per month)

5: Tip the Calorie Balance

6: Take Charge of What’s Around You

7: Problem Solving

8: Step Up Your Physical Activity Plan

Month 3 (weekly, 4 per month)

9: Manage Slips and Self-Defeating Thoughts

10: Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out

11: Make Social Cues Work for You

12: Ways to Stay Motivated

Month 4 (bi-weekly, 2 per month)

13: Strengthen Your Physical Activity Plan

14: Take Charge of Your Lifestyle

Month 5 (bi-weekly, or monthly)

15: Mindful Eating Mindful Movement

Month 6 (bi-weekly, or monthly)

16: Manage Your Stress

Month 7 (monthly)

17: Sit Less For Your Health

Month 8 (monthly)

18: More Volume Fewer Calories

Month 9 (monthly)

19: Stay Active

Month 10 (monthly)

20: Balance Your Thoughts

Month 11 (monthly)

21: Heart Health

Month 12 (monthly)

22: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Miscellaneous Handouts

Fat and Calorie Counter

Food and Activity Tracker

Food-O-Meter: Food Calorie Calculator

FitWatch Online Calorie Counter