LEMU Wellness Program

The LEMU Standards Based Wellness Program (SBWP) is a negotiated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Voluntary Wellness Program. The purpose of the LEMU SBWP is to help improve the health status of LEMU Members, and their Spouses or Registered Domestic Partners, by implementing a wellness program that provides a series of non-cash wellness incentives and a graduated cash incentive regime based on increasing levels of participation for eligible members. Certain aspects of the program (One-on-One Consultations and Nutritional Counseling) are available to Spouses and Registered Domestic Partners throughout the duration of the program.

All LEMU Members, except those specifically excluded by the Department, may participate in the semiannual Fitness Assessment consistent with the Cooper Institute’s Fitness Training Program. Employees whose Health Risk Assessment reveal coronary risk factors, cardiovascular or heart disease, use of medications that may prevent them from performing the Fitness Assessment, or other limiting health/injury factors, will not be allowed to participate in the Fitness Assessment until the Wellness Coordinator is satisfied they are able to participate without placing the employee in jeopardy. These Members will be provided the opportunity to work with trained advisors to develop a personal wellness/fitness program to address these concerns.

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Download, complete, and submit the Program Packet to Ryan Wann prior to your scheduled fitness assessment.